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Red Bull RingAUT Red Bull Ring
Red Bull Ring / Austria Round 1 13 - 14 May 2017

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Red Bull Ring
Country Austria
Date 13 - 14 May
Track Red Bull Ring

The scenic Styrian mountains are a spectacular backdrop at this ultra-modern facility in southern Austria.

The circuit itself is relatively short with a mix of long straights and big braking points. The track undulates significantly with a steep descent from the top of turn one to the bottom of turns two and three.

The track has a natural amphitheatre feel with spectators able to see much of the track. The facilities are second to none with major investment from the local Red Bull GmbH company rejuvenating the track which has operated in various different incarnations since 1969.

In 2016 Rene Reinert took a fine win, while Teams Championship partner and eventual champion Jochen Hahn took another. During two wet races on the Sunday it was Adam Lacko who showed he was the 'Rainmeister' with two clear wins for Buggyra.


Country Austria
Date 13 - 14 May
Track Red Bull Ring
Circuit length 2.338km
Number of corners 6


Free Practice 1 FRI 16:50
Timed practice 1 SAT 10:40
Super Pole SAT 10:55
Race 1 SAT 13:20
Race 2 SAT 16:45
Super Pole SUN 10:20
Race 3 SUN 13:20
Race 4 SUN 15:20


2016 / Race 1 Jochen Hahn
2016 / Race 2 Rene Reinert
2016 / Race 3 Adam Lacko
2016 / Race 4 Adam Lacko


Three days of pure racing action at legendary Red Bull Ring!

Around 5.5 tonnes of iron and steel with around 1200 PS, more than 5000 Nm of torque and reaching top speeds of 160 km/h in 5 seconds – these are the statistics for a Race Truck. Truly impressive and huge is it what the racing trucks offer.

Watch live whilst these giants thunder around the race track. Here is where motorsport of the highest standard meets the force of heavy practical commercial vehicles. A meeting of fun, excitement and passion in promised.

The Truck Race Trophy at the Red Bull Ring is part of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship and with the Formula 1, it is one of the most popular series at the Ring. The races pull in annually huge crowds at the circuits in Europe.

Race Format

Flying start for every race. 70 km/h top speed for formation lap until the green light.

The four 'FIA European Truck Racing Championship' Races will take place at the 2.3 km South Circuit of the Red Bull Ring.

Normal racing format = 2 days, at the Truck Race Trophy at the Red Bull Ring = 3 days. 4 races per event.


  • 15 min Warm-Up
  • 15 min Qualifying/Timed Practice
  • 10 min “Super Pole” (only the top 10 fastest)
  • 30 min (max.) Race 1
  • 30 min (max.) Race 2


  • 15 min Warm-Up
  • 15 min Qualifying/Timed Practice
  • 10 min "Super Pole" (only the top 10 fastest)
  • 30 min (max.) Race 3
  • 30 min (max.) Race 4

Alongside the 4 races of the Truck Race Trophy as part of the European Truck Race Championship the race drivers of three more race series compete in the supporting programme of the ETRC at TRT: Suzuki Cup Austria, the historic Formula Vau and the Lotus Cup Eastern Europe.

Entertainment & Industry

Taxi Rides in an orginal race truck


Watching is quite nice, but having the chance to co-drive a real race truck can’t be compared!
Seize the unique chance of co-piloting an original race truck! An indescribable experience you will never forget!
Date: Freitag, 12. May 2017
Price per person: 180 Euros

KTM X-BOW Taxi rides


Co-pilote the 330 HP strong KTM X- Bow! Experience from the hot seat how a professional race driver manages to tame the wild vehicle on the challenging circuit of the the Red Bull Ring! An indescribable experience you will never forget!
Price per person: 99 Euros
Date: Freitag, 12. May 2017
*Ticket for the tribune already included

US car exhibition


Impressive US cars remind on the good old times at which fuel costs and exhaust gas emissions were of no importance. Admittedly, the historic US cars aren’t frugal – if we are talking about 6 liters we are not thinking of fuel consumption, but of cylinder capacity. But only few cars make hearts beating faster like the American ones do. At the Truck Race Trophy 2016 specially selected cars will be presented in order to show the entire range of the “American Way of Driving”. The automobile treasures of the US car scene can be admired in the infield of the track throughout the whole weekend.

Bull Riding


Fun for all ages – whether wild west or country style. Bull riding keeps both entertained, riders and spectators. Looking for a wild ride? Thanks to the electronic control, the original, maybe the strongest bull, can be moved like a pet animal, but also like a beast gone wild. Nobody was able to stay on the bull through all 9 levels
But no worries! As soon as the rider loses his balance the bull stops and the rider falls down in the smooth falling basin. This way even small kids can risk a ride. In tournament mode riding times will be measured to the second and will decide on the one or the other bet.

Truck Korso


The big' Korso' on the Sunday on the race track is for both the drivers and fans a sensational experience. Here, truckers have the once in a life time chance to go round the Grand Prix Circuit in a lorry and to present their vehicle to the public.

Truck Race Trophy Meets Street Art


Awesome Trucks, Graffiti, Airbrush and amazingly colourful body-painting at the Truck Race Trophy at the Red Bull Ring! The Styrian Art-duo Zimbo and Dermouz will spray a live graffiti-airbrush combination photo-background with a mystery 'Body-painting Cover-Up'.
Thomas "Zimbo" Zimmermann from (Airbrush, Bodypainting, Custom-Art) und Georg Dermouz from Moodyloop Graffiti will be at the Truck Race Trophy on the Sunday spraying a ‘Photo Area’ which will be merged with a 'Bodypainting Model'. It will be a top event with several colourful highlights. Of course, you can watch over the shoulder of these artists. The 'Photo Area' will be available for photos.
Whether old or young the walk through the Camp and the sight of the race trucks impresses everyone! In the Tracker Camp you are right in the middle of the action and you meet like-minded individuals in a great and unique environment.

European Giants Test Themselves at the Truck Race Trophy'


The strongest men in Europe test themselves for the third time at the Truck Race Trophy in Spielberg! The absolute strongmen elite from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Holland, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Italy are again this year going to be at the Race Trophy Weekend at the Red Bull Ring. Heinz Ollesch, Germany’s repeatedly Strongest Man, will be the referee when the athletes compete each other in exhausting tasks.
The competition will demand endurance, skill and muscle power. They must go above and beyond and have their maximum performance as their bodies will be tested to their limits.

Trucker Camp at Westschleife


Cosy, friendly and fun in the Trucker-Camp in the West Loop. Everybody is welcome here!
To go to the Truck Race Trophy at the Red Bull Ring in one’s own lorry is for many truckers the ultimate experience because on the legendary ‘West Loop’ at the Red Bull Ring you can enjoy the unique combination of Trucker Camp, party mood, festival atmosphere and motorsport action. In the Trucker Camp, the Trucks are polished and stars are brought to children’s eyes when the light show starts in the evening.

Music Festival


Legendary country star Tom Astor will thrill fans in the fan tent on the West Loop



Fair and Industrial Exhibition

The commercial vehicle branches present their new products at the fair and industrial exhibition across the whole weekend in the paddock. The ideal marketing platform for the transport and commercial vehicle industry.

If interested or if you have questions, please contact:
Christoph GERLACH
Leiter Organisation Truck Racing am Red Bull Ring
t: +49 176 222 222 02

Fan Village


Central meeting point for teams, drivers and fans offering

Autograph sessions

Music & entertainment area

Post-race interviews for the fans

Lottery action

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