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Misano / Italy Round 2 27 - 28 May 2017

Racing, Entertainment & Industry

Country Italy
Date 27 - 28 May
Track Misano World Circuit


Set close to the beautiful Adriatic coast, close to the tourist resort of Riccione, the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli is a popular track for fans and competitors alike.

The tight confines of the circuit mean that action is guaranteed on the 16 turn 4.048kms track. The short start and finish straight leads in to a challenging right and left turn, while three hairpins ensure lot of outbraking manoeuvres are attempted.

The Italian truck racing fans swell the terraces on the Misano circuit to see the battle commence and last season they witnessed a memorable weekend of action when Adam Lacko scored a hat-trick of wins for Buggyra. The Czech's title rival Jochen Hahn claimed the other win while a returning Steffi Halm claimed a fine podium placing in race two.

Cab’s Eye View

Each race we will have an FIA ETRC driver to give us a unique insight into their view of the circuits on the FIA ETRC calendar – what is the track like to drive? what are their favourite sections? Even the best restaurants and places to visit in the area!

Who better to give us a guide to Misano than Nobert ‘Norbi’ Kiss, current FIA ETRC Driver Champion and driver of the No.1 Tankpool24 Racing Mercedes-Benz truck:

Misano is the kind of track I like very much, wide, smooth, and good combination of turns.

My favourite is turn 13 and 14 I think at the end of the back straight. This is the most challenging and difficult to do, because it is a hard braking zone in to a hairpin while your turning, and that is something really hard to do right. We can see a lot of mistakes there. It is very hard, that’s why I like it.

The track was resurfaced before the last season so it is very flat and good quality with ok grip, so very enjoyable to drive on. I like that we have a lot of turn combinations with a changing direction, but still I wouldn't call them chicanes because there is more space, so you can do some different racing lines, especially in the races when you fight with somebody, and it supports overtaking.

I think that racing in a truck is quite similar to racing in a car when you consider in terms of what you want to do and feel, but the thing that is much different is the rhythm. You have to be very patient with the truck because of the huge weight, and you have to think ahead and know exactly how you want to do the next turn.

Usually (Misano) is a good place for me. I got my first ever pole position in qualifying here in 2013 and when we were in front it was usually with a big gap. But I'll never forget when I lost an easy win because a spring broke in 2014. So I like the place.

It is always good coming to Misano because you get a big crowd of very enthusiastic fans, so it's great. It is also the only place in the calendar where we have the sea very-very close, so if you can steal an hour or two during the race weekend you could go and see the beach and swim there which is always a good thing. And you have that typical Italian beach with walking streets, restaurants and ice cream. :)

Last year we had rain, but the other times I have been to Misano, it is usually nice conditions, but not too hot around this time of the year, so very pleasant.

Norbert Kiss


Country Italy
Date 27 - 28 May
Track Misano World Circuit
Circuit length 4.048
Number of corners 16


Timed practice 1 SAT 12:45
Super Pole SAT 13:00
Race 1 SAT 15:00
Race 2 SAT 17:30
Timed Practice 2 SUN 10:30
Super Pole SUN 10:45
Race 3 SUN 13:10
Race 4 SUN 15:20


2016 / Race 1 Adam Lacko
2016 / Race 2 Adam Lacko
2016 / Race 3 Adam Lacko
2016 / Race 4 Jochen Hahn


Get set for a weekend of action-packed racing at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Italy.

These giants of motor racing, each weighing in at around 5.5 tonnes, take to the track once more and the sight of 15+ of these monsters heading into Turn 1 is truly impressive.
It is little wonder that this form of sport where heavy practical commercial vehicles meet motor racing of the highest standard has such a massive fan following, second only to Formula One on the circuits of Europe.

The Week End 2017 del Camionista is round two of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) and will see the protagonists thrilling the passionate Italian crowd once again.

Race Format

Each race is a rolling start for with a 70 km/h top speed for formation lap until the green light.

The four FIA ETRC races will take place over the shorter track the 4.048 km ‘Circuito Corto’.


  • 2 free practice sessions of 20 minutes
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 20 minutes (Q1) for all the trucks
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 10 minutes, called “Super Pole”, for the 10 trucks that set the best times during Q1.
  • Race 1 (12 laps)
  • Race 2 (12 laps)


  • 1 warm up of 15 minutes
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 20 minutes (Q2)
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 10 minutes, called “Super Pole”, for the 10 trucks that set the best times during Q2 and which will serve to determine the first 10 positions on the starting grid for Race 3.
  • Race 3 (12 laps)
  • Race 4 (12 laps)

 In addition to the four FIA ETRC races there is the support races of the Super Cup car racing Championship

Entertainment & Industry

ETRC Fan Village


New for 2016 and located at the heart of the truck racing paddock; our fan village is developing into a real hub for race-goers to gather and it provides some great opportunities to get up close and personal with the drivers; including autograph sessions and post-race conferences, with the top three finishers, due to take place there on both Saturday and Sunday.

The fan village contains a seating area for you to relax and enjoy some food and drink, along with information and display areas about various aspects of truck racing including from the official series partners Goodyear, Mercedes Trucks, UTA and Meritor.

The Village has a local compere to talk you through the various activities taking place and a great atmosphere with music, entertainment and giveaways.

Historic vehicles


Grab a slice of history in Misano and take time to visit the display of fascinating historic commercial vehicles brought by the Automotoclub Storico Italiano (ASI).



A key attraction in all of the 2016 FIA ETRC paddocks is the transport and commercial vehicle industry display areas.


The championship provides an excellent marketing and networking opportunity and once again in Misano there will be a strong presence from the big makers of trucks, including IVECO, Mercedes and Scania along with the truck support and accessories industries all keen to show off their latest products and offering entertainments including test rides and simulators.

Party Truck Festival


A date for the diary is Saturday evening’s amazing Party Truck Festival, which has been organised in the FederalMogul Village of the Decorated Trucks in collaboration with Radiostudiopiù!

Truck Rally


A very popular part of the race weekend in Misano is the decorated trucks rally where around 100 decorated trucks from all around Italy plus many other European nations including Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands gather in the paddock.

The selected trucks feature artwork, trimmings and technology that will wow the public: a mix of travelling works of art that depicting famous people, historic films, well-known characters and much more. The area dedicated to American trucks is particularly unmissable as these vehicles hold an irresistible fascination for anyone who loves the world of transport. These giants are one of the most recognisable sights on the streets of America.

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