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Most / Czech Republic Round 6 2 - 3 Sep 2017

Racing, Entertainment & Industry

Country Czech Republic
Date 2 - 3 Sep
Track Most

Located in the north of the Czech Republic, Most is close to the German border and always attracts a large and knowledgeable crowd of truck racing fans.

The track is a series of fast and sweeping curves with plenty of opportunity for overtaking. It is popular with drivers and fans as it offers a flow and spectacular racing.

Like Hungary, there is a distinct fervour when it comes to their home truck heroes and local fans have three drivers to cheer for this year: current championship contender, Adam Lacko and double champion David Vrsecky. Lacko is a former multiple race winner in Most, but hopefully all three Czech drivers will give their home fans something to cheer about.

In 2016 Ryan Smith scored his first ever FIA ETRC success while Jochen Hahn took two crucial victories on his way to winning a fourth ETRC title.

Cab’s Eye View

Each race we will have an FIA ETRC driver to give us a unique insight into their view of the circuits on the FIA ETRC calendar – what is the track like to drive? what are their favourite sections? Even the best restaurants and places to visit in the area!

Who better than the very popular local hero, Frankie Vojtíšek of the Czech Truck Racing Team to tell us about his home track - the Autodrom Most circuit, the venue for round six of the FIA ETRC.

“The circuit looks easy at first sight but there are some difficult turnings which require a really precise entry.

“It is our home circuit and we have raced and tested here many times and it is just great thanks to its profile and difficulty.

“The surface of the racing circuit has been reconstructed and it is completely new in the last turn. I think my favourite part of the circuit is the back area of the track and the entry into the lowest turn on the circuit. However, it is also one of the trickiest sections and a lot of drivers have problems there. It is also very treacherous if it is raining – although most corners are tricky in the rain…

“Racing a truck is always very different compared to racing a car in so many ways, just because of the sheer size and weight of the racing truck and many aspects to the handling and skill-set needed which are probably too detailed to go into here! However, whilst it may not look it, the truck is a real racing vehicle with a great output.

“The weather around Most is very unexpected this time of the year. Rain, wind or the sun – everything is possible. I am hoping it will be nice, a comfortable 20 degrees would be good, but we will see.  I hope it will be good weather for the fans and that we get lots of spectators and truck racing fans.

“The fans are great and I I can't forget to mention that the Czech spectators want to see their Czech drivers in the first positions. The crowd loves the excitement of the FIA ETRC; especially the overtaking and good driving. 

“I am really proud to race in my home country and I definitely can't forget the first truck race which was held at Most Circuit. I have won races in front of the awesome home audience - these memories are unforgettable.

“I may have been to the circuit a lot, but until recently I only really knew the track. But lately I have spent more time in this beautiful region and got to know this very nice European city where there are a lot of great restaurants and historical sights, for example the Castle Hnevin in Most is a really lovely place to visit.

“It is the biggest race at Most circuit and the organisers try very hard to make everything perfect and I think they are doing a great job. 

“Thank you and we are looking forward to see you at Most Circuit!”



Country Czech Republic
Date 2 - 3 Sep
Track Most
Circuit length 4.212km
Number of corners 21


Timed practice 1 SAT 11:25
Super Pole SAT 11:40
Race 1 SAT 14:50
Race 2 SAT 17:20
Timed Practice 2 SUN 10:15
Super Pole SUN 10:30
Race 3 SUN 13:45
Race 4 SUN 16:40


2016 / Race 1 Adam Lacko
2016 / Race 2 Ryan Smith
2016 / Race 3 Jochen Hahn
2016 / Race 4 Jochen Hahn


Autodrom Most

Length: 4.212kms

Width: 12 - 14 m

No. of corners:  21 (9 left and 12 right)

Longest straight: 792 m

Shortest straight: 150 m

Superelevation: 12.04 m

maximum up-gradient: +2.8 %

maximum down-gradient: -3.2 %

travel direction: Clockwise

Race fans can look forward to three packed days of on track action at the Most Circuit in the Czech Republic.

The spectacle of a pack of 2017 spec trucks, each weighing in at a hefty minimum of 5.3 tonnes racing into Turn One is a sight to behold. It takes a lot of driver skill to be able to control these giants of motorsport, which can also accelerate from 0 – 100km/h, as quickly as touring cars.

The FIA ETRC packs four championship races into each weekend with the grids for races one and three being decided by a qualifying shoot out, but races two and four having a reverse grid for the top eight finishers in races one and three. This means who ever finishes eighth is then on pole for the next race, which has thrown up some very interesting battles and results.

It is little wonder that the FIA ETRC is one of the most popular motor racing series on the circuits of Europe, second only to Formula One.  For those not able to get to any races, there are highlights packages and other footage available on the official YouTube channel click here


Race Format

Each race is a rolling start for with a 70 km/h top speed for formation lap until the green light.


  • 2 free practice sessions of 20 minutes
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 20 minutes (Q1) for all the trucks
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 10 minutes, called “Super Pole”, for the 10 trucks that set the best times during Q1.
  • Race 1 (12 laps)
  • Race 2 (12 laps)


  • 1 warm up of 15 minutes
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 20 minutes (Q2)
  • 1 qualifying practice session of 10 minutes, called “Super Pole”, for the 10 trucks that set the best times during Q2 and which will serve to determine the first 10 positions on the starting grid for Race 3.
  • Race 3 (12 laps)
  • Race 4 (12 laps)

Entertainment & Industry



Located at the heart of the truck racing paddock; the FIA ETRC fan village is developing into a real hub for race-goers to gather and it provides some great opportunities to get up close and personal with the drivers; including the very popular autograph sessions.

A local compere will guide you through the various activities taking place and there is a great atmosphere with music, entertainment and giveaways.

The fan village contains a seating area for you to relax and enjoy some food and drink, along with information and display areas about various aspects of truck racing including from the official series partners Goodyear, Mercedes Trucks, HS Schoch, Krone and Meritor.



A great event for fans will be the Truck Parade from the circuit to the Central Square in Most which takes place on Friday 2 September between 16:00 and 18:00.


The entertainment includes the trucks travelling to and from the track, music, interviews, photo opportunities and an autograph session with the drivers.



A key attraction in all of the 2017 FIA ETRC paddocks is the transport and commercial vehicle industry display areas.

The championship provides an excellent marketing and networking opportunity and once again there will be a strong presence from the big makers of trucks, including IVECO, Mercedes, MAN and Scania along with the truck support and accessories industries all keen to show off their latest products and offering entertainments including test rides and simulators.



Truck Racing is famous for its openness and opportunities for fans to get up close and personal with the drivers and their trucks.

In Most, fans will have the opportunity to go on a grid walk just prior to the race start. This is a great opportunity to see how drivers prepare for the races and really be a part of the race weekend.



As well as the adrenalin fuelled action on track, fans coming to Most can look forward to a spectacular air show of aerobatic tricks in the skies above the circuit, in what is sure to be a breath-taking display.




When the trucks aren’t on track, there will still be plenty of action for the fans to enjoy.

A big crowd pleaser is sure to be the stuntman show by four-times Czech Champion, Martin Krátký. Martin is planning a spectacular programme and it will be one not to miss.

This is the guy, who in January this year won the competition for the best motorcycle trick in Verona!



What an opportunity to get a taste of motor racing.

The Most circuit is offering the opportunity for the public to purchase taxi rides on the circuit, and event drive selected vehicles yourself.

There will also be the chance to have a go in the off-road taxi on a natural sporting track at the autodrom in a jeep and infantry combat vehicle (BVP).

More information can be found on the Circuit website and tickets will be available to purchase at the Race Zone.



The centre of the race zone will be the newly-built facility with the Auto Gallery exhibition area.

It is an area which will have promotional items for sale, a display of race stock cars, an exhibition of historic posters and celebrations of the 33rd anniversary of the opening of the Autodrom.

There will also be the chance to have a go on a Race Simulator and enjoy a cocktail or two at the outside bar.



An FIA ETRC event always has a packed programme of activities for children and Most is no exception.

Attractions include a children's traffic playground and related areas including a programme put together by the BESIP TEAM, a certified team of professionals in the area of traffic safety; the opportunity for children to try a simulator of impact and bikes, scooters, push-bikes and helmets available for free.

There will also be a certified jungle gym, a slide, a Racing jumping castle and a football mini-field with goals.

The programme for children also includes a competition for prizes, a crafts corner and face painting



Autodrom Most, in cooperation with Autoklub ČR, has prepared a driving academy for children under the age of 10.


It will take place on an improvised miniature track on the small car park near the go-kart track with ten small go-karts, overalls and helmets available.



There is fun for all on the visitor slope with various free attractions, such as a large merry-go-round and inflatable jumping castles. They can also visit various exhibitions.

Then there is the modern outside go-kart track with high-quality asphalt surface, which is over 300 metres long. Visitors can choose from five identical Birel N35 go-karts with a Subaru 200 cm3 engine. The staff will lend you seat inserts for the safe and comfortable seating of children under 120 cm tall.

 If you prefer off-road, you can try our brand-new Buyang Delta Force 300 4x4 or Buggy 150 Dong Fang four wheelers. These two-person vehicles can be driven only by adults; however, you can take your child as a passenger.

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