Slovakia Ring
Slovakia RingSVK Slovakia Ring
Slovakia Ring / Slovakia Round 4 15 - 16 Jul 2017

One of the nine stages that will play host for the FIA European Truck Racing Championship in 2017 is Slovakia Ring. Located approximately 30 km away from Bratislava Airport the race track was built between 2008 and 2009.

Its length of 5,922 km makes it one of the longest tracks in Europe. Beside its long radius corners another major feature of the circuit is a prominent hump on the straight between turn 2 and three that causes some cars to fly with the front wheels off the ground. There are four artificial hills on the track that help to diversify the track's terrain. 

Popular race series like the FIA GT World Championship and the World Touring Car Championship had been taking place at the very modern circuit in the past. This year with the FIA ETRC Round 4, July 15-16, an international truck race will be staged at Slovakia Ring for the first time.


Country Slovakia
Date 15 - 16 Jul
Circuit length 5.922 km (3.680 mi)
Number of corners 14


Timed practice 1 SAT 11:20
Super Pole SAT 11:35
Race 1 SAT 14:40
Race 2 SAT 16:40
Timed Practice 2 SUN 10:20
Super Pole SUN 10:35
Race 3 SUN 13:10
Race 4 SUN 16:35


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