25 September 2017

What the Drivers Said on Sunday at Le Mans

What the Drivers Said on Sunday at Le Mans

Race 3

1st Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

"Our mechanics stayed out till late into the night working on and changing little details and it all clicked. Today it’s much better. Sacha [Lenz] gave me tough time every time we were on brakes but I was just a little better under acceleration and that’s the reason I stayed first."

2nd Sascha Lenz – SL Trucksport | MAN

"We had a very good pace in the race and a very good setup for both qualifying and the race. I’m very happy with how he weekend has been so far. I’m happy for both myself and the team. It’s my best result of the season so far so it’s perfect."

3rd Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | Iveco

"The last two laps I was under an immense pressure from ‘Norbi’ [Kiss]. I made a little mistake and he came directly beside me. Third place is perfect. Adam did a fantastic job and so did Sascha [Lenz]. I’m absolutely happy with third today."

Race 4

1st Gerd Korber – Team Schwabentruck | Iveco

"I’m absolutely delighted. More so for the team than for myself. I had a perfect truck but I couldn’t get the answers from it. Here, at Le Mans, I’ve learned a lot about the truck and I’m happy that I could present this win to Team Schwabentruck.

"I think Steffi [Halm] was very fair and I think that she could have been faster but probably she wanted to bring the points home. In order to overtake you must do some push actions but generally speaking, she gave me a nice race – she didn’t block, she didn’t push, we drove a clean race.

I’m also happy for Jochen [Hahn] in third – it’s really great to have two Ivecos on the podium."

2nd Steffi Halm – Reinert Racing | MAN

"I was lucky to be second after the first chicane. I tried to push a bit but I was never in the right position to overtake – I didn’t want to risk too much. I was expecting Gerd to make some mistake but I never could start an attack. When I saw that we have a little bit of a gap over the rest, I gave Gerd some space so that he could see that I’m not in a position to attack and focus on driving his lines. If we kept fighting, we would have gotten too slow and the field could have caught us."

3rd Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | Iveco

"I’m very happy. It’s getting harder and harder to win races and finish on the podium but, all in all, it’s OK with three podium finishes.

"I’m satisfied given it’s our first year with Iveco. We need some time to develop the truck and it’s like with everything else in life, we’re going forward step by step.

"I love Jarama and I’m looking forward to the final meeting of the season."


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